Monday, August 31, 2009

Meat-in pics

Bacon cheese cake , Bacon ice cream, Flank steak, ribs, Pig pick'n, chicken wings, meat loaf cake.........and more.

The meat-in was an awesome time of indulging in savory meatness. I met a lot of fun people and some not so fun. I must admit that I was out bothered. I was demoted from the King of Bother to a mere serf of bother. My throne was taken from me.

The headliners for me were the bacon cheese cake, waffle fatty, flank steak.

I think that I would like to start a meat eating day for my cronies here in NC.

Meat in

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Debocle of a trip

1530: Leave work en route to airport
1610: Arrive at Chapel Hill pediatrics to catch a ride by Jen to airport
1620: Leave CHP
1650: Screen through security checkpoint in RDU
1745: Board plane
1910: Take off from RDU to CLT (Charlotte)
1946: Miss connection to ROC
2000: Land at CLT
2030: Eat bad airport Chinese food
2150: Board aircraft en route to BUF
2352: Land in BUF
0015: Meet Clint in front of BUF
0030: Buy Caffeinated beverage from gas station
0135: Arrive at Walmart in Henrietta
0225: Arrive at Clint's
0245: Start fatties
0350: Finish fatties and bantering with Clint's guests
0400: Sleep on couch
????: Let the cat out because it's dumb
0551: Put fatties on smoker
????: Let cat in because it's making so much noise
????: Punch cat
0830: Woken up
0850: Take off fatties to enjoy


Monday, August 24, 2009

Random pics from vacation

Look no orange.....nice chicken though.

This is dangerious without a life vest. You can drown in a teaspoon of water.


My pretty girls.

Wednesday we took a break from cooking

The adults went out to eat in Bryson City on Wednesday instead of smoking/cooking. It was a good day because the sun was out quite a bit. Most of the week we had rain at least once a day. I took a nap and relaxed.

We had some Italian food which was very good. A nice change of pace food wise. Clint and Julie enjoyed it too. Clint found a boyfriend out front.

Nice mountain view from the campground.

More Vacation posts

Now that I got all the pics uploaded from my camera I can put up some more posts about the vacation. The chicken on Monday turned out amazing. Clint commented that it's the best chicken he has ever had. He also mentioned that it had a good balance of dry and juicy. Whatever that means. Maybe he could leave a comment explaining that paradox.

Now that chicken was awesome. We had so much meat and made so much food it's no wonder I gain a ton of weight.

Once the chicken came off, on went the chuck roll. This is like making pulled pork but with beef. This one was 12 .lbs again way too much for 9 people.

Clint may have a picture of the finished product. This was an awesome smoke. We will have eaten it on Tuesday at around 5 after tubing down the creek.

The creek runs quite a ways down the mountain into the the Tuckaseigee river. We loaded everyone up in the van, tubes and all.

Nine people and nine tubes. It takes about an hour and a half to ride from the top to our campground. There were a few nice rapids but most of us got hung up on the way down on rocks in shallow water. Very fun. I don't have pics because we couldn't ride the tube down with the camera without getting it wet. Duh!!. BTW I tried to wear orange all week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First full day for vacation in the smoky mountians

We arrived in the smoky mountains yesterday afternoon and set up camp. The campground is very nice and quaint. The cabin is very accommodating and fully equipped with AC.

We got things situated and headed to Clint's RV and visited with them for a while. Well till midnight. It was great fun catching up after a year in NC.

We had an awesome time tubing down the creek and the kids liked building a dam to make a little water slide between rocks.

Later we smoked some chicken. Of course.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bartering in the South.............for cheese

Of the many things that makes the South such a better place to live, bartering is one of them. I find that bartering takes place a lot more than in the North. I have a chance to get some homemade cheese this weekend from a fellow who sells it at the market during Saturdays at Saxapahaw. I'm trading some of my awesome BBQ for some awesome Brie and other cheeses. I find that cheese is really the other white meat. I'm very happy to use my skill in smoking meat to get free cheese. I know that it isn't free if I have to spend money and time making my product, but who cares. I'm getting free cheese. I'm already firing up the smoker to make a fatty for the fatty throw down contest. So free cheese for me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Jen and I drove to Charlotte to preview the new MUTEMATH album Armistice. I admit that I was a bit nervous because of all the press and info on the internets regarding the delay in making the album, etc. People were saying how they had all these songs written and ready to record but then was told they sucked and then scrapped them. I must say that I am very happy with the new album. It is consistant with the quality and inovation of the self titled album. I noticed that the guitar work is a lot more in your face then the last album. Most songs are radio friendly but a few are too long for normal air play. I really enjoyed the songs and can't wait till the 18th when I get the digital download of the album.

I encourage everyone to take a listen when you can. Give it a few days of listening to really get into the music. If you can see them live at any time I strongly recommend it. They are such awesome musicians and thier shows are very dynamic. Jen and I will be spending a weekend in Nov attending shows in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville. It will be nice to see them again and their new stage setup.

I heard from Levi (intern with teleprompt) that on Sept. 27 MM will be on Letterman again and they'll be playing a new song called Backfire in which they just made a video for. That song is awesome.

Check them out yo. You can check out a new song called "the nerve" by going to this page

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MUTEMATH listening party

I'm so stoked!! Tonight is the listening party in Charlotte. Jen and I will be listening to the new MM album Armistice. I've heard so many good things about it so far. The few tracks that I was able to download after getting the VIP package are very satisfying. It's been a long time since they've released new music.

This is where we will be listening to the new album.


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