Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Different Van

Well, the awesome Dodge Grand Caravan that we bought from my uncle John is getting ready to retire. With 205,000 miles it is still kicking. We found another Caravan in Matthews, NC which suits our needs exactly. It even has a DVD player in it. That is Jen's favorite feature. Never mind the towing package or the new struts. The engine is very clean and well maintained too. She says it has power everything too. Ooo!! I liked the newish tires and the fact that there are new gaskets on the oil pan and transmission. It's weird the different advantages that men and women see in the same object. Either way we are both happy. The kids will like the DVD player the most.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tubing and Swimming

Had a great day on Saturday. It was "lake day" at Hyco Lake with Crosslink Community Church. We met at the late and a few of the congregation had their boats there giving rides on tubes. Generally I don't like to go to the beach because I'm fat. I don't like it for two main reasons.

1. I'm fat and have numerous rolls. If I take my shirt off then I'll be embarrassed that my rolls and blazing white skin will show. The embarrassment is rooted in the fact that I'd prefer to feed my face with unhealthy food than exercise. Or at least I have most of my life.

2. I may see some really fat people with their rolls exposed. I don't like vomiting and that can occur at the site of some of the people at the beach.

I did have a really good time. I eventually made it into the water at the end of the pier. The bathroom was just so far away. The water was very warm, like 75 degrees. It was refreshing nonetheless.

The kids and Jen went on the tubes and had a blast. When Collin finally fell off he panicked and yelled for his mommy. We could hear him from the shore. I knew that was going to happen. Jen subluxed her shoulder. She admits that she isn't 20 anymore.

The food was pretty good too. The church supplied the hotdogs and eveyone else brought sides. We all commented on how much we love Crosslink. We have made awesome friends and are really growing in our faith.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Back Splash it's a Gas Gas Gas

In our new home we have a small problem behind the sink. The problem is due partially to the cheap matte paint that the builder used in the house. Don't get me wrong the color is nice and I'm very happy with the Centex but whenever you wash your hands in the sink, water gets splashed a little on the wall behind. The matte finished paint shows the little droplets, and that gets annoying. Jen picked out what she wanted and I finally had a project to start. I even finished this one. Check it out, folks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New MuteMath Album and Tour

I like the new MM song "the nerve" off the new album "Armistice". I can't wait to go see them on the fall tour. The new album comes out on August 18th and that seems so far away. Looks as though we will be able to go to Atlanta to catch them in Nov. Nice thing is that the next show is in Charlotte on the way home the next day. We'll catch that one too. Maybe we can hit Nashville too on Sunday. What a great road trip that will be.

You can hear the new song on their web site http://www.mutemath.com/armistice/

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They call it FATTY......and it's smoked

This is the only fatty you'll find me smoking. I've been wanting to do one for a few weeks now. Oh the choices are limitless. For my first ever fatty I decided to go with a breakfast fatty. My family was very excited for me to make it. I used both hot sausage and regular so half was spicy. I put in cheese, scrambled eggs, and home fries. and the whole thing wrapped in BACON. In the words of Jim Gaffigan, "the only thing better than bacon......is more bacon." Just the idea of making a lattice work of bacon brings a smile to my face and a frown to my arteries.

Cheese........the other white meat!!!
Home fries and eggs added

Here I am rolling my fatty.


The verdice: Conner liked the sausage inside, Collin liked the bacon on the outside, Kate and I liked the whole thing. Jen was away for the weekend and didn't have any. Too bad for her.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bar Needed

I really need to find a bar the will want me to sell some awesome BBQ on Saturday night. I have a few orders for BBQ this week and would like to max out my smoker's foot print to make some extra cash. I'm on the hunt. I'll check in Mebane first since it's my home town. Maybe there's a place in Burlington that is busy on Saturday nights.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dickie-Do's BBQ got good reviews

This weekend was a success. The free samples that I gave out at the Screen on the Green went over like gang busters. Jen even made a prize winning sauce (vinegar based). I gave out business cards while receiving rave reviews of my BBQ. The best part was getting the smoker to the location. I sat in the back of the van whilst Jen drove about 5mph. I lifted up the side without the wheels and rolled it down the street. It was total ghetto action. We got going too fast for a second and the wheels got ovaled out because of the heat. Well, I guess it's time to work on that wheel mod.


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