Monday, October 19, 2009

Katelyn Rocks

Now that Kate is 15 and has her drivers permit, she needs to know some basics about auto maintenance and repair. This weekend Kate and I changed the front brake pads and engine oil. When I told her what we were doing this weekend she wasn't very excited. She's smart though, and knows who's boss. And who has the car keys. She did very well with some coaching. I believe she learned a lot and it was nice to spend time with her doing this project. In case anyone doesn't think that a girl can work on cars, here's proof.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Garage Clean up

I finally got the garage cleaned up with some help from Jen and Collin. I made a base to an old entertainment center to give me something to put my tools in. I have pictures of the progress.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm a mac and I'm a PC.........Apples and Oranges

I was just thinking about the advertising spot that Apple (Mac) has been running where the cool hipster (Mac) is compared to the geeky guy (MS Windows). This is very misleading to uninformed users. To me, it's comparing apples to oranges. A Mac is a computer and Windows is an operating system (OS). When the regular Joe goes into a store and asks to buy Windows they are escorted to the software section of the store. Frankly I don't think that its fair to compare the two. I'm definitely not a Windows follower. I prefer the value that Linux brings to the table. After getting frustrated with Vista I've installed 2 Linux boxes at home.

If you look at what Mac has done then you can see that they've created a Unix base OS (Mac OS X) to run on specific hardware in which they sell. If you get the hardware married to the OS and only sell that combo then you'll have an immensely stable system. To get that in a Mac you have to spend an immense amount of money. Windows doesn't have that luxury since it runs on so many different hardware components. I'm not sticking up for Windows but just showing the poor comparison.

I'd like to see Mac and Windows try to compare themselves to Linux. Some might say that Linux is hard to get set up and administer but that's just not true. Get the right hardware and you'll have a very stable system with everything a casual user needs.

How much does Linux cost? Try $0.00. I like that price. The real price I pay is the time it takes to tweak the OS to work with my crappy hardware. I've got all the software that I need available to me for free, from the open source community. I even heard that Mac OS has access to the same free software. Wow. You can pay $0.00 for an OS and for the same software that Mac users can get? It's sounding better and better. If you want software for Windows you'll almost always pay for it.

For me it comes down to price and for my money I prefer Linux.


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